A Million Pilgrims Are Allowed To Perform Hajj In 2022 In Saudi Arabia

The first fourth day of the month on April 4th, 2022 Saudi Arabia’s government-run Saudi news agency confirmed that “Saudi Arabia permits 1 million pilgrims to Hajj 2022”. A rise on the amount of people who are pilgrims complying with health guidelines is not a problem. The number would be 1 million international and domestic pilgrims from all over the globe.

Keep in mind that the amount of people who prayed who came to the Hajj in the two previous years, in comparison to 2022. As per Arab News, 58,745 Muslims took part in Hajj 2021. Hajj 2021. If we go back prior to that COVID 19 attack the number of pilgrims may have been 2 million or more.

Is anyone able to be able to perform Hajj 2022?

Not everyone is able to do the Hajj until 2022. The ministry has stated that only Muslims who are aged 65 or less or less and who are fully vaccinated to take part in Hajj. Hajj in 2022.

Aged over 65 are not able to choose the July 7-12 dates for Hajj since they aren’t eligible to participate in this event. Children can travel with their parents, however it is crucial to display their health status. Women who do not have a mahram won’t be capable of making this mandatory journey on their own. For those who do not have a mahram traveling alone, it is best made with a group.

What are the Health Recommendations?

The Saudi Government does not want to stage an “Welcome Carnival” to prevent coronavirus. Saudi Arabia has actually taken extra precautions to protect health for Umrah during Ramadan but not applicable to Hajj.

The Hajj pilgrimage is only open to those who have been vaccine-vaccinated using COVID. COVID vaccine can participate in this year’s Hajj pilgrimage. All foreigners are required to take an PCR test that is negative within 72 hours of leaving. If you’re in good shape in regards to health and money, then this sacred journey is required for you. This is because it is the fifth principle in Islam to us.

It might become challenging it for Saudi Arabia to manage 1 million people around Mecca.

According to what the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has stated on Twitter:

“It is paramount to the administration of the Custodians of the two Holy Mosques to ensure the security and safety of Hajj pilgrims and those who visit the Prophet’s Mosque.”

It is possible that this 1 million relay could be directed toward the Prophet’s Mosque after the Prophet’s Mosque has been visited. Hajj within the vicinity of Makkah. To ensure security concerns it is necessary for arrangements to be implemented in Masjid-ul-Haram and also in Masjid-e-Nabawi.

The state has enthusiastically guaranteed that the highest amount of Muslims across the globe are able to perform Hajj to visit the prophet’s Mosque in a secure and spiritual setting.

This is an excellent opportunity for Muslims who haven’t had the an opportunity to do Hajj throughout their lives.

A Hadith which is narrated by Abu Huraira

“The prophet (p.b.u.h) declared, “Whoever performs Hajj for Allah’s pleasure, and does not engage in sexual relationships with his wife and is not guilty of any evil or commits sins, the return (after Hajj free from all wrongs) like he was born again.”

Volume 2, Book 26, Number 596- Al Bukhari

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