Arafat Is A Holy Day, But What Exactly Is It?

The holy day of Arafat, which marks the second day Hajj and day before Eid Al-Adha is the day when pilgrims to Mount Arafat make repentance. This is the final leg of the journey to forgive their sins. Muslims can fast on this day even if they aren’t on the pilgrimage to Hajj.

The symbolism of standing on Mount Arafat, which is also associated with Hajj, is that it is the sacred place where Prophet Mohammed delivered his last farewell sermon. The pilgrimage of Hajj is made by those who are able. They climb Mount Arafat, wait for maghrib prayers and pray for forgiveness. Many Muslims who have made the pilgrimage to Hajj recall Mount Arafat being one of their most powerful and profound experiences.

“The Noble Messenger (blessings to Allah be upon him, his family and friends) said that the greatest sin of someone who travels to ‘Arafat then leaves is to believe that he has not been forgiven for his sins.”

[Biharul Anwar, Volume 96, Page 248]

Muslims all over the globe spend time contemplating the significance of the day of Arafat, which leads into Eid Al-Adha. This holiday commemorates the moment when Prophet Ibrahim gave his life for Allah. While sacrifice, faith, and devotion to God are all integral parts of Islam’s religion, many Muslims remember the importance of living a life filled with love and remembrance of God on this day.

This day, one du’a few recite Du’a Arafat Originally made by Hussein ibn Ali (grandson of the Prophet Mohammed). This beautiful du’a is Hussein ibn Ali’s testimony that God is all-powerful. He continues to praise Allah, and expresses gratitude for everything He has given us. The following is a part of the du’a:

As You perfected for me all the graces

and warded off all misfortunes,

my ignorance of You and challenge have not stopped You

from showing me that which takes me near to You,

and from leading me to that which grants me proximity to You.

O my God: You ordered me, but I disobeyed You.

You warned me, but I violated Your warning.

So, I am now lacking neither justification to apologize

nor power to support myself.

By which thing can I now meet You, O my Master?

Is it by my hearing, my sight,

my tongue, my hand, or my foot?

Are all these not Your bounties on me

and with all of them I have disobeyed You, O my Master?

You have absolute argument and claim against me.

You are the Just Judge Who never wrongs,

Your justice will ruin me,

and from Your all justice I flee.

If You, O my God, chastise me,

then it is because of my sins after Your claim against me;

and if You pardon me,

then it is on account of Your forbearance, magnanimity, and generosity.

There is no god save You. All glory be to You.

I have been of the wrongdoers.

There is no god save You. All glory be to You.

I have been of those seeking forgiveness.

There is no god save You. All glory be to You.

All Muslims should observe the Day of Arafat, regardless of whether they are on the spiritual pilgrimage of Hajj. This holy day is founded on the dedication and sacrifice we all must make to God and the gratitude for His infinite mercy. We pray that we are all blessed with the ability to give our lives to God inshallah.

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