Hajj And Umrah No Longer Require A Mahram, According To Saudi Authorities.

Mahram in order to Hajj also known as Umrah was a requirement for being able to complete the Hajj, which has been being removed by saudi officials.

Hajj as well as Umrah Services Advisor Ahmed Saleh Halabi said that it’s now acceptable for women to participate in Hajj and Umrah in the absence of a mahram with “trustworthy women or a secure company to conduct Hajj and Umrah. This is according to the Maliki and Shafi’i scholars.”

Author Faten Ibrahim Hussein, former advisor for the minister of Hajj, stated that Saudi state offers all the facilities to pilgrims who wish to make Hajj and Umrah in accordance with Saudi Vision 2030.

“Allowing women to practice Umrah without the requirement of mahrams is a boon for them since many live in difficult social situations and may not be able to locate a mahram or even cost them a lot when they’re keen to take part in Umrah,” Hussein said.

“Fortunately fighting any form of economic and social corruption was a key factor for this.” She added.

If corruption is stopped she said that security is created.

“Security has been extended throughout the Kingdom and is present in all forms of transport as well as at ports, offering women complete protection. Additionally, a strong infrastructure is enshrined in legislation, which includes the anti-harassment system” she added.

“These are deterrents for anyone who is contemplating violating the law. Furthermore security cameras are mandatory in all critical areas, such as airports, border crossing points as well as The Grand Mosque, the Prophet’s Mosque and more. Therefore, women are secure, particularly if she is in a safe environment with women.

“There are numerous women who travel in this Kingdom to work, but without mahrams, and there are no major issues because of the security that we reside in…There is no need to worry of women coming to the Kingdom without a mahram since the reason behind that has been eliminated.” ( Arab news )

Ikhtilaf between scholars regarding Mahram for Hajj in different Fiqh

Mahram for Hajj in accordance with Hanafi Fiqh:

  • It isn’t permitted that she perform hajj while in the presence of anyone other than Mahram. Mahram.
  • Daleel the The Prophet (God give him peace and bless him and) declared, “A woman is not to perform hajj unless the mahram is present with her.”
  • This is the case when the distance between Makkah and Makkah is three days. If it’s less than three days, there is no requirement for Mahram. Mahram.

Mahram to Hajj – Ikhtelaf with Imam Shafi

  • In the words of Imam Shafi Rahimullah, it is permissible for her to do hajj when she leaves with her companions and is accompanied by reliable women to ensure the attainment of security and safety through friendship.
  • Response to Hanafiya ( Hanafi Fiqh) It is believed that she could be subjected to trials. This exposure is increased by the merging (company) of women who are with her. This is the reason that solitary with a stranger woman is not permitted even if there is a female companion together.

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