Looking Back At The Umrah Travel Journey 20 Years Ago

1. How was your Umrah travel experience in the past 20 years compared to the present?

The Umrah journey in the past 20 years was quite different from what we experience nowadays. First of all, the cost for doing Umrah was much more expensive than it is now in actual fact the only option to do Umrah for a reasonable price was to purchase the purchase of a package deal. Additionally, there was no online options to book Umrah offered – every arrangement was.

The Process of Booking Umrah Travel 20 Years Ago:

As we mentioned previously the only way to make reservations for Umrah travel in the past was via a travel agent. To locate a reliable travel agent, you could have asked your friends and relatives for recommendations or even consulted.

2. What have the Umrah industry changed over time?

The industry of umrah has changed dramatically over the last 20 years.

In the beginning, the price in Umrah packages has dropped significantly which makes it easier and affordable to those who want to do Umrah.

Additionally, there are numerous online options for booking umrah accessible, making it much easier and quicker to plan your trip.

In the end, the procedure of getting the visa has been made more simple since the past few years. Overall, the Umrah industry is now much easier and accessible to travellers over the last two decades!

3. The many ways people journeyed through Mecca as well as Madinah back in time

People used to travel between Mecca or Madinah in various ways back in the 20th century. There were people who traveled directly from Jeddah or Madinah while others traveled via train or bus.

But, the most well-known option for travel was flying to Dubai and then making a connection flight towards one of Jeddah or Madinah. This was the preferred option for many since it allowed people to stay in Dubai for several days to visit the city before continuing on their way to perform Umrah.

The business has drastically changed in the last 20 years.

4. How has technology impacted pilgrimage travel

The development technological advancements has made an enormous influence on the pilgrimage journey generally as well as Umrah travels specifically.

For instance, the introduction of online booking options for umrah makes it easier and quicker to book a reservation as well as the social networking sites have made it possible for pilgrims to stay connected with one with one another prior to and following their journey. Furthermore using GPS devices and apps have made it much easier for pilgrims to find their way through Mecca or Madinah. Technology has had a huge influence on the way people conduct Umrah which has made the ritual easier, more efficient and more efficient!

5. What are some issues that pilgrims today face?

Despite the many advancements which have been made in the industry of the umrah in the last 20 years pilgrims are still faced with many challenges in the present.

Some pilgrims are unable to obtain visas, whereas others have difficulty finding affordable accommodations or traveling between Mecca or Madinah. Furthermore, language barriers can make it difficult for some tourists.

Overall, however the challenges facing pilgrims today aren’t much compared to the challenges they faced in the past two decades!

6. How can we help to make Umrah travel more enjoyable for all who is

There are many ways to assist in making Umrah travel more enjoyable for all that is.

To begin the process for obtaining an entry visa must be made easier and more efficient. Furthermore, there must be more affordable accommodations available at Mecca as well as Madinah. In addition, pilgrims must be encouraged to utilize GPS devices and apps to aid them in finding their way around cities. By addressing these issues we can help make Umrah journeys more convenient and comfortable for all involved!


There are many alternatives for Muslims to carry out Umrah. There are affordable Umrah packages that can be purchased online and it’s much simpler to obtain the visa. Yet, despite all these changes the fundamental essence the essence of Umrah is the same. It is believed that performing Umrah is still a unique experience that brings enormous pleasure to Allah (SWT). We hope that in the coming 20 years, we’ll see an increase in the manner that Muslims are able to perform Umrah.

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