Walking Through Digitization In The Hajj & Umrah Industry

The world is changing rapidly, technology is driving reformation, and new ideas are emerging from broader visions. All of this means that we must adapt to this changing world and live in a fast-paced world.

Similar to the changes we observe in the world, the Ministry of Hajj & Umrah is the official body of Saudi Arabia. It shares its vision of digitizing the Pilgrimage experience.

The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has responsibility for and authority over all Umrah & Hajj sectors across the globe. The Maqam Global Distribution System was established in response to the digital pivot. Maqam GDS has 28 online certified websites that can issue Umrah reservations validly. Any booking that is not made through this system will not be issued an Umrah Visa.

Funadiq.com was founded on the core values of honesty and responsibility as well as transparency and customer satisfaction. Funadiq.com began this long, but rewarding journey in 2019, when they applied for the Ministry for Maqam certification. They are proud to have been granted it a few months back.

The temporary restriction of Covid-19 was a disappointment for the entire Muslim community. However, the Ministry and Funadiq kept their eyes on their vision to invent the pilgrimage experience. They ran multiple tests during this time to ensure that we were providing the best service to our clients. The dedication of Team Funadiq to reopen Pilgrimage with security and ease earned them approval by the Ministry’s technical staff.

The Ministry has set out the path forward with its vision of total digitization in the sector. All hotel and transport bookings will be made through this system. It has launched two applications, Tawakkalna & Eatmarna, to permit pilgrims entry to the mosque by registering with an Umrah Permit.

Funadiq is the embodiment of the Ministry’s vision and is now leading the digitization revolution, creating the new reality.

Hi, I’m Benjamin Lopez